Wednesday, August 24, 2011

see you later, summer.

this summer has been incredible.
the best of my life, easily.
and i just really, really can't believe it's over.
it flew by.
i've traveled more in these past four months than i have in the past few years in total...
between weekly trips in spain to my (nearly) weekly trips while in the states,
i've been plane hopping like mad.
i've learned so much... experienced new cultures, seen god's beautiful earth, made new close friends, and survived an event i never thought i'd make it through alive.
i've been blessed with a busy work schedule in many gorgeous locations.
and i've gotten to spend some (but not nearly enough) quality time with my family.
my travels, experiences, & the wonderful people in my life have made my summer (and life) so, so wonderful.

today, i made the eight-hour trek over the rockies to my new (old) home in provo.
the scenery was lovely. august in the rockies is beautiful, with the blue rivers roaring and the roads lined with sunflowers.
yet i had this nagging weight in my heart the entire time.
i'm so sad that this summer is gone.
i'm not ready to be off on my own again, not ready to face the stress of school, not ready to be an almost-grown-up, and not ready for the bitterness of winter.

the only way i can get myself to face the reality of this situation is to remember all of the amazing summer moments i had. right?
anyone have any tips for getting over the back-to-school blues?


marlee.patrice said...

Ohh. I have been so jealous of all your summer trips. They looked like sooo much fun.
but have fun in provo!!!

kylee said...

the other day i drove up emigration canyon to kill time before class and i died over the beauty. suflowers EVERYWHERE! i have always thought sunflowers were great but that day they became one of my favorites. they radiate happiness.

Libby said...

Dang girl! I thought that I had traveled a ton this summer... but you totally schooled me. Looks like you had a TON of fun.