Thursday, August 18, 2011

welcome to the family.

three years ago, i found out that an integral part of my diet would no longer be allowed in my body ever again. ever.
going gluten free wasn't the easiest process, but i've been pretty lucky; more and more products are constantly being developed for the gluten-free folk.

while in boise a few weeks ago, my aunt and uncle treated me with the most delicious homemade pizza (thanks to bob's red mill pizza crust mix and some fresh veggies).
i was also introduced to bisquick's new gluten-free pancake mix (amazing!)
and snyder's gluten-free pretzels. i ate about three bags of those in three days. they taste like real, gluten-filled pretzels.

i feel like almost every time i enter the grocery store, i find some new gluten-free goodies.
and this makes me very happy.
so to my gluten-free friends: what are your favorites?

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