Monday, September 19, 2011

dear utah,

i don't really like you right now.
though i'm basically recovered from my surgery, 
my sinuses aren't too happy. 
and you're allll to blame. 
it's my first time dealing with these allergy things.
anyone have good tips for even temporary relief?


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I've never had allergies before *knock on wood* I did have a killer cold a few weeks ago! Feel better :)

Libby said...

haha, i've never seen a pollen almanac before! maybe this is why I am feeling sick too!

Cara said...

Allergies are terrible on the East Coast too, I've had a headache for days. Hot tea and a Neti pot will help.

Ashley said...

girl....i hate allegories....despise them. bleh. hope you feel better soon hang in there!!