Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just around the corner.

do you feel it? 
the nights are getting a little bit cooler.
there's that feeling of almost frost in the mornings.
the leaves aren't quite as green... i've spotted a few colored fellas, even.
my roommate baked up a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight.
you know what this means... fall is in the air.
i still don't know exactly how i feel about it.
buuuut i do know i'm pretty excited about this part of fall time!:

(okay, and cardigans and scarves, too).
we've only got three days of summer left, people.
live it up!


Dallas Shaw said...

pretty photo

Lindsay R said...

oooh those carmel apples look divine.

bring on fall, I'm ready!

Rhiannon said...

these look amazing!

Angela said...

I'm SO excited for fall! I busted out my boots a couple weeks ago because I couldn't wait any longer! :)

~ Angela