Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just around the corner.

do you feel it? 
the nights are getting a little bit cooler.
there's that feeling of almost frost in the mornings.
the leaves aren't quite as green... i've spotted a few colored fellas, even.
my roommate baked up a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies tonight.
you know what this means... fall is in the air.
i still don't know exactly how i feel about it.
buuuut i do know i'm pretty excited about this part of fall time!:

(okay, and cardigans and scarves, too).
we've only got three days of summer left, people.
live it up!


Dallas Shaw said...

pretty photo

Lindsay Rondo said...

oooh those carmel apples look divine.

bring on fall, I'm ready!

Unknown said...

these look amazing!

Unknown said...

I'm SO excited for fall! I busted out my boots a couple weeks ago because I couldn't wait any longer! :)

~ Angela