Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wedding tip #5: coordination.

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so this one might seem so simple, but it's important.
you'll probably end up hiring three or more vendors for your wedding day, and it's crucial that they all get along.
i know, you're thinking, "okay, so what do i do about it?" 
as a bride, i think it's really important to at least mention to each of your vendors who else you're working with, so that they know what to expect. 
i love working with other inspired people who make beautiful weddings, but it's always a shock when i have to "share the stage" with a videographer or overbearing wedding planner, if i haven't been forewarned.
now don't get me wrong, i love working with videographers... and wedding planners... and florists... us creative people just click. 
it's just really nice to know what to expect, going into it. 
because i work a bit differently when working side by side with a videographer or day-of coordinator. 
that's just how things go. 

i've heard some pretty awful horror stories about vendors clashing, so i also think it's a wise idea to emphasize to both your photographer and videographer (or whomever else) that you really want great pictures and a great video and that you're spending good money on both.
that way, both vendors are on an equal playing field and will give their co-vendors the time and respect they need to do a fantastic job. 
easy enough, right?

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