Tuesday, September 27, 2011

just talkin'.

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so, i know how tight money can be right now. 

though i'm hoping for the best for our little (big) economy, i know that times are hard.

so it was pretty exciting to stumble across this new business idea... an idea that can cut cell phone bills in half!

this new company is called straight talk.

Hook, line and sinkerAndroid on Straight Talk

i have a family plan with my lovely family back home, so i haven't gotten a chance to try these services myself, but i've heard great things about their nationwide service! 

you can buy a huge variety of phones from many trusted manufacturers (LG, nokia, motorola, samsung, etc.), and there are no surprise bills... no contracts, even!

you can choose from refurbished phones (including camera, blue-tooth access, mp3 player, and web access) for only $10, or from smart phones of all capabilities (including voice navigation, app capabilities, video recorder, etc.)

Android on Straight Talk

aaand there are some great monthly plans:

- a plan for heavy phone users including 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 30 mb of data

-unlimited monthly service for only $45-- including calls, text, picture messaging, and web (this means unlimited everything for a year for only $499!)

-free 411 calls and free activation, termination, & reactivation 

-there's also great opportunities for affordable international long distance, from different phones... i could've used this when living in europe this past summer!

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for more information on straight talk's services, you can check out a video here:

so, what do you think? anyone have experiences with this company they'd like to share?

i think it's an awesome solution for us poor college students!!

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