Wednesday, September 28, 2011

liebel wedding.

so i came down with a nasty one of these today, which left me in bed allll day.
i figured it would be a good time to pull together a few posts from the 8923 (or it feels like it) weddings/shoots i haven't shared with you all yet while i wait for my meds to kick in!
it was so fun to go back through these images and remember this lovely april day.
so do you remember emily & spencer from their engagement shoot?
well, they got hitched last spring, right before i left for spain.
and their wedding was wonderful.
they were sealed in the morning at the draper, utah lds temple, and then they had a ring ceremony and reception in the afternoon at le jardin in sandy.
they really stayed true to themselves with all of the decor... i love how they incorporated their colors everywhere they could, and they included their favorite drink, dr. pepper, all throughout their reception!
i had a great time working with these two and wish them all of the best!
o Untitled-7
o Untitled-4
o liebel-150
o untitled-3
o liebel-102
o liebel-36
o Untitled-1
o Untitled-6
o Untitled-2
o liebel-147
o Untitled-5
o liebel-70
o Untitled-9
o liebel-171
o Untitled-8
congratulations, spencer & emily! good luck with your future together!
{provo, utah wedding photography}


Nettie's Blog said...

how blessed you are there in the USA with Temples so close... we have to travel for a few thousand miles and on plane to get there...oh so worth out for our Youth Temple Trip on my blog ..we are haeading off on 6-8th Sydney..yeah cant wait !!!!!
LOVE this wedding...the colours are so vibrant..cute couple...

Alana said...

Beautiful photos! Let me know if you're ever around Omaha. :)

kylee said...

love how they had the colorful confetti to match their wedding colors.