Wednesday, September 28, 2011

east harlem.

so i know that i've posted about these guys before...
specifically, here and here and here and here.
i even made a video to their music here.
(i know, i know... obsessed much?)
but i stilll can't get enough of them. 
have you heard their new album? 
well, now you have.
if you've run into me on campus in the past month, there's a 99.837% chance that this is what was playing through my headphones.
and i'm not embarrassed to admit it.

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Unknown said...

that's it. we were destined to be friends. spanish? stand-up paddle boarding?(yes, i blog stalked. went a lil crazy actually) sunshine? tennis? a woman after my own heart. put laie, hawaii on your list of cities to visit, it is beautiful and full of warmth.