Sunday, October 16, 2011

amazing amigas.

two notable facts about my awesome friends.

devaun is beautiful and gave me a shout out on her blog today. it made me smile, annnd just might help me win my contest. (speaking of which, maybe you should go leave a comment on my spain youtube video? i'd reallly appreciate it, and will stop begging in about a week!)
i was lucky enough to have a diego's date with devs today... it was only the best.

whit is also beautiful and worked so hard to plan this amazing service project for the weekend.
i was lucky enough to participate in her project, the byu experience, where college-aged kids with cognitive disabilities got the chance to come to byu and get the college experience-- including the cheerleaders, dance parties, cosmo, & the theater ballet company!
i loved seeing whitney interact with all of the kids and really am grateful for the chance i had to learn and be involved, as well.
happy friends = happy weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend to me. And a cool idea for a service project.