Friday, October 14, 2011

falllllling in love.

you guys! 
guess what i ate yesterday. 
pumpkin spice frozen yogurt. 
yeah, i said it.
pumpkin spice + frozen yogurt + dark chocolate chips. 
though i'm not looking forward to the coooooold winter, 
i'm loving the fall colors, the pumpkin flavors all around, and the cozy sweaters.

what are you loving about fall?

p.s. this is my six hundredth post. what?!
i feel like i just started this little blog a few months ago!  


Unknown said...

yum, i love red mango. i'll have to go try it!

Brita said...

that sounds so good! I must try.

Casey said...

I love scarves and new, wooly hats. <3

Shutterbug said...

I would love to try some pumpkin spiced fro yo! I bet it was delicious with the chocolate chips! :D

kyliebrooke|s said...

i must must must try it. i LOOOOVVVVEEEEE frozen yogurt, and this sounds heavenly.

Unknown said...

this looks delicious -i'm adding this to my fall 'must eat' list (and yes, i'm also creating a fall 'must eat' list just to put this on it :)