Thursday, October 20, 2011


i know i am a littttle bias, but i kind of think that i have the most precious dog in the world.
he's taken a bit of a beating over the last few years... remember this?
though his tail looks basically normal these days, the poor little guy has been getting cysts on his paw.
he's been limping around for a few months now, 
and after numerous courses of antibiotics, 
the parents texted me this photo last night:
he's got a boot!
apparently, it has treads on the bottom, and it looks like a little tennis shoe.
they say he sounds like a peg-legged pirate, wandering around the house. 
at least this time he avoids the cone of shame... right?


Unknown said...

oh my goodness, what a precious little dog. :)

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

This is so stinking cute!

Unknown said...

aw - he's adorable...and so is that little boot!

Michelle said...

He's adorable! I'm surprised he leaves that on!

Unknown said...

hahah this is adorable. dogs are just the greatest.

Shutterbug said...

aww... he is very precious!

Sam W. said...

so cute!! i bet his is so much fun.

have a great weekend :)