Thursday, October 20, 2011

¡una vez más!

so, you guys are awesome.
really. i feel so lucky that people find my thoughts interesting enough to follow my blog and keep up a bit on my life/business.
so i just have to ask one more thing of you.
remember when you were so great and watched my contest entry video last week?
welllll, youtube didn't count my views... all week.
so now i'm stuck trying to play catch up.
so if you can do me a huge favor and watch my video one more time, i'd appreciate it.
i also want to try and get some dialogue going in my comment section, so please leave me a little comment on youtube... tell me your favorite part of the video, where you'd live if you could study abroad, ask me anything about spain!
and i'll be forever grateful.
maybe i'll do a little giveaway in the next month or so to prove how grateful i am for you all :)

thanks so much!
so, without further ado...


Nettie's Blog said...

i actually enjoyed it the 2nd time around even more....i love the architecture and the old buildings and the art...oh and the language is so melodic.....i still want to go for a visit there...bboooo hhhooo... perhaps in the next life?????

Casey said...

I really enjoyed your video, it made me happy. =] It also made me wish I could have gone to study abroad while I was in school.
If I could have gone anywhere it would have been to Ireland. Being mostly Irish, to experience that country first hand would have been amazingly wonderful.