Saturday, October 22, 2011

things i like about today.

-taco date with the hermano.
-beautiful seventy-degree weather that still had that fall crisp-ness to it.
-a solid score on my infectious disease midterm.
-fall colors at sundance.
-sundance, sundance, sundance!
-oh, and a successful engagement sesh, too.
-having a less-intense migraine-y day.... improvement.
-listening to a lot of shakira. 
-fun friends, the 1920s, and childhood board games.
-that whole mooovie night situation.
-one week 'till cuban best friend comes to visit!
-a clean room and a warm bed.
o chrissytyler
hey today, thanks for being great to me.
i really, really needed that.


Unknown said...

super cute pictures ...and i love your happy list - its great think back after a long day and find all the things the be grateful for :)

Nettie's Blog said...

loved that place... of my favorite visits while in Utah... love that pic too...