Tuesday, November 1, 2011

grown-up halloween.

you know what i've realized?
halloween is cool... but only super awesome for little kids or people who want to wear as little clothing as possible.
unfortunately, i'm neither the former nor the latter, so i never get too excited about the holiday (except for halloween decorations. i love halloween decorations.) 
though i had a party of a weekend and enjoyed the festivities, today hasn't been the most exciting of halloweens. 
since i'm no longer a little kid,
i came to the library for seven hours.
i got a cat scan and flu shot.
i forgot to shower (scary, i know.)
i did not dress up.

i did go to the gym (endorphins, anyone?)
i did eat a few fun-sized candies in the library.
and i did love hanging out with all of the little ninjas & pirates in the waiting room of the doctor's office.

i guess it really wasn't that bad of a day.

happy halloween, everyone!

p.s. i think grown-up halloweens will get a loot better in the future... when i have my own little nuggets to dress up in spiderman and belle costumes. you know? 
the niños are so, so precious. 

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Michelle said...

I took a kid trick or treating but my fiance turned off all the lights and watched movies by himself. Not everyone is as into Halloween as they were as children!