Monday, October 31, 2011

halllloween pumpkins!

when your best friend comes to town for about 58 hours, you have to celebrate.
and since it was halloween weekend, we thought that being festive was a crucial part of this celebration.
so we grabbed a few friends, and they planned this awesome/creative/halloween-y activity. 
we drank hot cocoa, caramel'd apples, carved pumpkins, & then launched them on campus (don't worry, we cleaned up the mess after...)
and our pumpkins were so awesome, we decided it was imperative to document our pumpkin posterity with embarrassing, awkward family photos.
but really, aren't they cute?

how have you been celebrating halloween weekend?


Unknown said...

super adorable!
happy halloween!

kylee said...

snowman pumpkin? GENIUS! love it entirely.