Friday, October 7, 2011

happy apples.

so i helped throw a bridal shower for one of my closest friends last weekend. 
since it was officially october, i just had to make some caramel apples... had to start the season off right, you know?
these particular apples are a favorite of my friend... and they were a hit! 
i've had a couple requests for the recipe, and they're so, so easy to make... so i figure i'll share the simple little steps it takes to throw together these bad boys. 

apple pie caramel apples

6 granny smith apples
a tub of microwavable caramel (or caramel squares)... i know, realllly fancy
1 package cinnamon graham crackers
1 package white chocolate chips
6 popsicle sticks
baking sheet
cooking spray

1. wash and dry apples while caramel is melting in microwave (follow melting instructions on package). roll apples in caramel using popsicle sticks until they're evenly coated, then let the excess drip back into the caramel bowl.
2. roll caramel'd apples across (crushed) graham crackers so that they're completely covered. make sure to do this immediately after dipping the apples in caramel, or else the graham crackers won't stick.
3. place apples on baking sheet.
4. melt white chocolate chips and drizzle on top of apples. 
5. enjoy! 

*this is not a gluten-free recipe, but it can be easily made gluten-free by purchasing gf graham crackers, then adding sugar and cinnamon to the crushed graham crackers. voila!

what's your favorite way to eat a caramel apple?


kylee said...

what an adorable thing to make for the bridal shower! adorable AND tasty! hope the shower went well!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I love this and they look delish!

Unknown said...

these look amazing!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

these looks fantastically delicious! i don't know if i've ever actually had caramelized apples! but i should try it soon!

Unknown said...

YUM! I love apples, I will try these!

Unknown said...

yummy! can't wait to try them!

brooke field said...

Mmm I've been craving caramel apples!!