Thursday, November 10, 2011

my life is glamourous.

so, i'm a bit underwater at present. 
meaning, my life is seriously lacking grace, & i'm feeling terribly disjointed.
yesterday i tried to spell "vaccine"... vacicine doesn't quite do the trick. and then today i spelled "park" with a t?
today, i tried to go running with a migraine and literally thought my head was going to explode after two blocks. you bet i looked super attractive for those next ten blocks!
i have eaten eggs for dinner nearly every night for the past month and a half... please apologize to my cholesterol for me. 
my car hasn't been washed in a really long time. and i keep parking under trees. and you know what live in trees...
tonight, the third-and-final lightbulb in my bedroom's light fixture went out. guess who's doing her homeworkin the living room and will be using her cell phone as a flashlight tonight?
when i get out of bed, all i want to wear are yoga pants.
tonight, on a quiz, i declared that only 1,600 children die of pneumonia yearly. try 1.6 million, anna?
i've been watching really, really cheesy 1990s movies lately on netflix.
the library staff are starting to call me by name.

but do you know what's funny?
i'm happy. 
potentially happier than i've been in a long time. 
so i'm okay with all of this.

i'm quite sorry i've been neglecting you (and my little blog).
i'll get back on track... come december sixteenth...?
(kidding! hopefully before then!)

and now, an awkward photo for an awkward post:

how do you stay above water (and classy..) during times like these?


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. Seriously.

Unknown said...

adorable post. :)

Unknown said...

so I'm not the only one :)
i schedule every half hour of my time when its crazy ... and then i make sure i schedule in time to do abolutely nothing (its wonderful to have me time )...and then I remind myself what i need to do every morning to be productive. aka: wake up 10 minutes earlier so i'm not rushing to shower, eat, read, and dress before running out the door. ... but then again...some days i just wear pull on a sweatshirt over whatever i slept in and call it good :)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I usually cry...and then find a classy way to handle it haha.

Unknown said...

ugh. college. so many overwhelming feelings of stress came back to me after reading this post.

keep it up, it is sooo worth it!! sounds like you are taking some sort of public health class?!

as my husband used to always say to me when i was having meltdown after meltdown in nursing have to take one day at a time :) good luck girlie.

smashley said...

cry a few tears.
pray real hard.
do the most important things first.
trust that Heavenly Father will make everything work out.
and stay happy.

you're doing great! the semester is almost over!

kylee said...

tis the season.... for loads of stress. holidays, school, credit card bills. as stressful as it is, it really is the best time of year! you went running with a migraine?! are you crazy girl?! sure hope you get to feeling better soon. oh man my car needs to be washed too. it's so awfully dirty and i can't stand it.