Monday, November 7, 2011

a nature walk and other little things.

these past few days, i was lucky enough to spend a perfect weekend at home in colorado. 
there's just something about being home with my lovely family that i can't get enough of.
families are just the best, you know? 

well, my dad and i grabbed our pup and took a walk around the open space outside our house yesterday afternoon.
every time i hike around my house, i'm reminded how fortunate i am to have grown up in such an incredible environment. 
and between the fallen leaves, the cool almost-winter air, the good conversation, and the sight of my little doggie in a boot, this walk was definitely ideal. 
and of course, i couldn't resist snapping a few photos with my mom's camera...

other high points of the weekend:
-running shoe shopping with madre
-dinner at our favorite little restaurant
-a catch up with my best friend that lasted wayy too long into the night. even though it's only been a week since we last saw each other...
-office episodes (and consequential crushing on jim halpert) with the bff
-good news from the doctor
-nap times (!!!)
-business scheming with padre
-a serious lack of homework
-parks & rec with the little bruddah
-father-daughter date to the movies
-too much good food
-family. family. family.

now, it's back to reality & another long week of work and school.

but first... what made your weekend great?


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Catch up sessions with the best ARE the best <3

PS: I also ADORE the office :-D

natasha {schue love} said...

Gorgeous photos! And sounds like a great wrap up! Our highlight was sushi with good friends! So glad you stopped by! :)