Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve.

did you see this year's modern family christmas episode?
you know, where the dunphys do "express christmas" (basically throw together a christmas in seven hours)?
well, we sort of did that this year. 
our trip threw all of us off our game a little bit, but we managed to have a christmas-y few days at home! 
after traveling for five-ish hours on only a few hours of sleep, we were all pretty exhausted when we got home yesterday. 
but after a few naps, we kicked it into holiday gear and celebrated! 

my dad and i realllly felt like the dunphys though when we found out the grocery store closed at 6:00 p.m. and we were leaving the house at 5:51 p.m. 
we divided and conquered and may have even quoted said modern family episode...
"anna, you were born for this." 

and then we spent last night doing some of our christmas eve traditions...
holiday ethnic food (red-and-green-christmas enchiladas, in this case) and treats, christmas music, and the opening of one gift (or all, in will's case... he just couldn't wait). 
there is something so wonderful about christmas time... the remembrance of what we've been given, the love that surrounds us, and our incredible savior. 

i, for one, feel like this month flew by... i don't want these christmastime feelings to pass! 
anyone else with me on this?

in fact, it flew by so quickly that we didn't even get the chance to decorate the tree!
i guess the one part of "express christmas" we didn't pull off.
oh well... next year!

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