Sunday, December 25, 2011

caribbean christmas.

merry christmas, everyone! 
or, as my people say... FELIZ NAVIDAD! 

i just might've snuck away from you all (unintentionally, i promise) and adventured to the caribbean for the last week with my family and our wonderful family friends. 
and really, it was the best. 
we spent the week in sunny honduras, belize, and mexico...
swimming, eating, relaxing, laughing, dancing, and adventuring. 
we lucked out with perfect weather and a perfect execution of our travel plans.

we flew back to the snow (in denver) this morning, so we're moving christmas back a day.
you know, it's a bit difficult to do the christmas thing when you're busy snorkeling and stuffing your face for seven days straight (i'll get to that later).

sorry for leaving you for a week; i mean, i know you missed me and were seriously concerned about my whereabouts and well being...
it's not like you've been busy living your own, busy holiday seasons or anything!
buuuut to make it up to you, i've got loads and loads of awesome stories, photos, and memories to send your way! 

so to the gleave family... merry christmas "eve"! 
we're celebrating tonight with our traditional mexican food, games, and christmas movies. 
(okay, and a little NBA... you know us, after all).
and to the rest of the world... merry christmas!

i wish everyone love, warmth, and happiness this christmas season, as we remember Christ and his influence in our lives. 

to catch the real meaning of the spirit of christmas, we need only drop the last syllable and it becomes the spirit of christ. 
-thomas s. monson

photo ® anna gleave photography 2011. cozumel, mexico. 


Kat said...

merry christmas! i love that last quote!

Unknown said...

Wow, Christmas in the Caribbean sounds amazing. You lucky duck!

I think I'll live vicariously through your travels, since you clearly visit awesome places!

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