Friday, December 16, 2011

st. nick's.

every year at christmastime, we go to st. nick's,
this precious little store that's packed to the brim with christmas goodies.
more ornaments, miniature snow-covered houses that light up, and glitter than you could ever imagine.
they've got something like twelve rooms full of trees!
and each tree has a different theme, whether it be james bond, travel, fishing, or harry potter.
you know, a little something for everyone.

we've gotten ornaments here all twenty-one years of my life, 
and it's one of my favorite traditions of the holidays! 
it's pretty fun to look back at all of the ornaments because each year's shows what i was really into at that point in my life...
i have soccer ornaments, cute little puppies, surfing santas, (lots) of tennis players, and gingerbread men!
and this year, i picked out a suitcase. mostly because i got to explore the world, but partially because i feel as if i lived out of one this year.
though i must admit, it was so tough deciding between the travel-y, sparkly suitcase and that classic cutie clarice...
will got a tim tebow ornament (no surprises there!), and bennett got a beaver... because of the whole benny the beaver thing, you know.

and one of the best parts? that giant santa hangs out on st. nick's' roof alllll year long! 
the happiest reminder of christmastime to come!

what are your favorite christmas traditions?

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adorable photos!