Friday, January 6, 2012

downtown dinner.

it's weird to think that a year ago i was lying in bed, recovering for the most awful surgery of my life. 
things looked pretty bleak. 
and today, i'm feeling better than i have in a long while.
though i still fight little illnesses, 
i had the greatest of winter breaks 
and am optimistic about the future. 

one of the best parts of my winter break at home was reuniting with my high school friends for a night on the town. 
we hit up p.f. changs and then sweet action ice cream, 
laughed hysterically,
 and might've acted a little bit younger than our age.

gluten-free lettuce wraps + cinnamon roll ice cream + friends makes for one good evening.


miss you guys... can't wait for next time!

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kylee said...

nothing beats a night out with ice cream & friends.