Saturday, January 7, 2012


so, you all know by now how much i love shabby apple. 
i was so excited when my darling friend, beth, decided to deck us bridesmaids out in shabby apple for her wedding!
the dresses were the perfect color and a classic style, 
and they fit four different body types reaaaallly well.
we got so many compliments on them throughout the day! 

so you can imagine how excited i was when i received an e-mail about shabby apple's new year sale! 
20% off almost anything in their store?
don't mind if i do! 

actually, i may have spent a little too much over christmas,
but if i had some extra cash around, 
i'd just have to purchase this or this or this or this

but really, don't these look good?
(i apologize for the middle-school-esque bathroom shot. we were a bit limited...)

i'm so excited to wear this dress again and again and again! 
kind of unheard of for a bridesmaid dress, eh?

so don't waste time! click the link on the right and head over to shabby apple. 

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