Saturday, January 7, 2012

girls just want to have fun.

when i was in LA last week, i had the greatest time.
celebrating beth's wedding week with her was so fantastic... busy, but fantastic!
we didn't have much time the night before the wedding for a bachelorette party (poor bethy was so tired!),
so we celebrated the end of her single-hood the afternoon before.
after browsing the fashion district of LA,
we headed to the original in-n-out for lunch, 
where one of the girls tried her very first in-n-out burger. 
needless to say, she was hooked after one bite.

though we were exhausted from mornings of travel,
we were all a little bit giddy and anxious for the wedding and so grateful to be out of the freezing temperatures,
which made for lots of light and laughter. 
there's nothing like that california sunshine in the dead of winter!

later that afternoon, we headed the salon to get our nails done for the wedding.
i've never had a french manicure before (weird, i know)... and i might not ever get one again.
BUT it looked great on the wedding day, and the whole salon experience just added to our adventures for the day!

this is when you know that life is good.


Silvia Cartotto said...

wow, congratulations to the bride!
Silvia from Italy
The Girl with the Suitcase

Mary said...

I'd love to go to LA!!!

Lisa said...

really cool pictures I want the same temperatures here :(

Shutterbug said...

i would love to go to LA sometime. looks like you girls had a lot of fun! :)