Thursday, April 12, 2012

parque guell.

the past few days have been very spanish-y.
i had to take my spanish phonetics & pronunciation final today, 
so i prepared by eating tacos (okay, when am i not eating tacos?) and listening to this and this and this.
oh yeah, and i threw some studying in there, too. 

so naturally, all of this spanish studying made me think of spain
(again...when am i not thinking about my adventures abroad?)
and so i was briefly taken back to barcelona...

i was really sick for the entirety of my stay in barca 
(hence my lack of presence in all of the photos),
but i was still able to take in some of the sites and catch the vibes there.

our first morning in barcelona, we checked out gaudi's famous parque guell.
it was so intriguing... so full of color and shapes.
i'm not even sure that these photos completely do it justice! 

i loved all of the palm trees and bright flowers,
the highly-involved mosaics everywhere,
and even the sketchy street vendors.
and the lizard fuente and that gingerbread house?... so cool.

oh, and the best part?
i did very well on my final... and i never have to think about spanish phonetics again!


post script:
don't mind me for writing about events that are nearly a year past. 
this world fascinates me. photography fascinates me. so i love sharing my experiences through photos, no matter how far in the past they might be.
reliving these memories is also a bit therapeutic for me, and i love having them all grouped together in one place... like a journal of sorts.

 i'm sure i'll get back to more recent happenings soon! 
but for today, my mind is in españa.


Whitney said...

you can always share your espanish memories

Jaclyn said...

cute anna. thank you so much for your thoughts on the blog today. it means a lot. i have loved reading your blog over the past little while. your photography is great!