Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the big sky state.

montana is called the big sky state for a reason. 
the skies go on and on and on. 
as did our montanan adventures.

i can't really pinpoint why our trip was just so fun
maybe it had something to do with knowing that it was the last time we'd see mallory for a year and a half.
maybe it was the fresh montana air,
the (aforementioned) big sky,
or those feelings of freedom that are intrinsically connected to summer.

but we just ran around the state, 
letting go of our inhibitions and quite frankly, acting like children.
we ate gluten-free burgers,
chased peacocks at the zoo,
drank rootbeers in the car,
and eclipse'd in yellowstone.

post script: the end makes no sense to anyone but us.... this video is a bit riddled with inside jokes. my apologies.
post, post script: the poor video quality (on occasion) is due to shooting inside a car, or while laughing hysterically. sorry i'm not sorry.
post, post, post script: thanks to cassandra sarmiento for shooting some of the footage! for once, i'm actually in the video!


MALPAL said...

gahhh! I love you anna. seriously. best. weekend. ever. so glad you guys could come up. and i'm glad you had fun.

ashleymoranyoga said...

oh my gosh! what a fun trip!!! :)