Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the burger dive.


while in montana,
mallory's sweet mom treated us to lunch. 
we went to the burger dive in downtown billings,
and maaan, was it good.
really though, i've never had a gluten-free bun on a hamburger, 
much less a bun that tasted so... real. 
it was literally the best burger i have had in a reaaaallly long time. 

i had the jerk burger, complete with pepper jack cheese and jerk barbecue sauce,
while the rest of the crew devoured burgers and fries of all forms (sweet potato, garlic, etc.)

with the combination of live music (death cab, violent femmes, queen, etc.),
good food, 
and lots of laughter, 
we were utterly content. 

sorry for my lack of photos... i was shooting more video this trip (crazy!, i know),
so this won't be the last you see of the burger dive.

if you're ever in billings, 
check it out.
i dare you.

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Lauren & Dan said...

oh my goodness... that looked delishhhhhh