Thursday, May 10, 2012

dominican DREAMs.

my life currently consists of a lot of the same...
class, gym, study, (too little) sleep, repeat. 
i was worried i was going to work myself to death this summer, 
that the whole "summer" feel that i live for wouldn't be a part of my life again until 2013.
especially after the best summer of my life last year, when i lived in spain

though i'm taking some incredibly interesting courses this term,
have a few great friends in provo, 
and have twelve weddings lined up for the summer,
i just felt as if i was missing something.

luckily, i found that something, and i am thrilled!
in august, i'll be going down to the dominican republic for two weeks to work for the DREAM project.
i'll be photographing the program/kids, making videos, and working on their website.
i am so excited to finally fuse two of my loves, photography and international development work.
and it makes me happy every day, just thinking about it.

i cannot wait to snap 1084120983 million photos of the niños,
experience the culture,
and do a little service where i can.


check out the organization. it's a good one; i promise. 

what summer adventures do you have lined up?


Ioana-Carmen said...

so happy for u ! congrats!

Melissa said...

WOW, that is really amazing. I really want to find a way to join all of my interests also.

This sounds like a perfect opportunity!!