Sunday, May 13, 2012

día de las madres.

so i know i've been virtually non-existant around these parts as of late 
(i have good excuses; i promise),
but the whole premise of blog-ownership merits a few mushy posts now and then, right?

so i just want to take a few minutes and talk about this amazing woman:

i feel so, so lucky to have such a wonderful mother,
a mother that i get along so well with.
a mother who sacrifices so much for her family,
who is an example of strength and perseverance,
and who helps me be a better person.

i am grateful every day for her influence in my life.
i honestly do not know how i'd live without her advice and support, 
and i do know that i would be awfully lonely without her friendship.

she has supported me through a whirlwind past few years:
through the hardships of multiple chronic illnesses,
to the emotional stresses of college life, 
to the happy moments of success.

i love how hardworking and caring she is,
and how she makes conscious, consistent efforts to better herself.

i really look up to my mom and am so sad i can't be with her today.
but i thought i'd share some of her all-time favorite photos, to make up for it!

every time we go on a trip, 
bennett and i take a goofy photo or two (which honestly, are always quite embarrassing),
and my mom always falls in love with one.
so i give you, mom, a compilation of some of your favorite photos from across the globe...

edinburgh, scotland 2007 (we look like such babies!).

füssen, germany 2009 (scary faces, slightly alarming...).

arenal, costa rica 2010 (on a rainforest hike with an apple banana!).

lake como, italy 2011 (italian watermelon after a swim...).

no matter where in the world we are, madre, we love you!
thanks for all that you do.


sjg said...

thanks for the tribute! those pictures make me smile every time! you are such a sweet daughter!


acorkin said...

So sweet! I love your mom too!

Lauren & Dan said...

anna you and your mom are adorable! I miss you both!