Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a happy monday.

i wasn't lying when i told you that my life consists of the same few things, day after day.
but i didn't happen to mention how awesome it can be!


take today for instance.

i enjoyed the eighty-something degree weather as i studied for my physiology midterm.
i did really quite well on said midterm.
i did a partner project with the quarterback of the football team in class... it's fine.
i played badminton and bocce ball on the lawn for fhe. 
i had an epiphany of sorts and think i finally decided on a topic for my spanish term paper.
i had a nice catch-up phone sesh with my dad on the way home from class.
annnd i squeaked out a solid work out, after not wanting to even step foot in the gym tonight.

life is good. 
even in stressful times,
life is good.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

So do you remember that time when you were like, "you look familiar!"
& I couldn't put my handle on why.
welpppp, pretty sure it's because I've blog stalked you before and maybe left a comment or two.