Monday, June 11, 2012

the all-nighter?

and at last, my first scholastic all nighter commences. a compilation of my thoughts as i study for my physiology exam/write my spanish term paper/finish my social marketing project...

12:03 a.m.:
if i can get four hours of sleep, i will be happy.

12:33 a.m.:
must resist caffeine...

12:54 a.m.:
alright fine, i'm calling friends. 7-11 is inevitable.

1:05 a.m.:
okay, i'm glad i brought friends. 7-11 is creepy at this hour...

2:39 a.m.:
i think i'm learning more about the urinary system from this big gulp diet dr. pepper than from my textbook.

3:54 a.m.:
thank goodness for beirut and mozart. some of my favorite fellas.

4:23 a.m.:
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can...

4:57 a.m.:
it's a little bit disgusting how often i've had to press the "i'm still listening" on my pandora station.

5:07 a.m.:
four hours of sleep is sounding really, really nice right now.

5:52 a.m.:
why does carly rae jeppsen MAYBE just want a phone call?

5:53 a.m.:
okay that's it. the sun is up. i need a nap.

Photo on 6-11-12 at 2.27 AM

if you read this, ten points to gryffindor. 

sorry for potentially wasting a bit of your time.

wish me luck during this crazy finals week!

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