Saturday, June 16, 2012


i did it. 
i survived the craziest term of my scholastic career thus far.
let's talk about:
ten credits in seven weeks, 
five weddings, 
six trips,
and a few too many summer adventures.

so what if i haven't gone to bed before three a.m. in the past week.
or visited the gym in two weeks.
or gotten a good night's sleep in... who knows how long. 

i survived! 
and after seven hours in the library yesterday, a final, and a final presentation,
we drove alllll through the night and arrived in arizona at five a.m. today.
and you know what?

it was all completely worth it. 


today, i slept till noon,
played in the sun with meredith,
cooked dinner with my grandparents,
took the longest, warmest, most wonderful shower of my life,
and now i'm going to bed by eleven p.m.

i'm liking the way this feels.

though my summer is bound to be busy, 
i am thinking it won't be quite so insane.
and so i hope to return to this little blog of mine...

get excited.

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