Thursday, August 30, 2012

the sun sets on la republica dominicana.

cabarete sunset

as i walked down to la playa, i caught a glimpse of the sun setting behind el callejón,
casting the most magical of sunsets across the sky.
and it struck me just how eye-opening, how real this whole adventure has been.
and that my time on this island is nearing an end.

time moves in a really strange way here.
it almost stands still, but then it passes swiftly at the same time.
in some ways, i feel as if i have been here forever.

my life in the states seems so different,
as i've grown accustomed to applying bug spray immediately following showers,
bachata music blasting from every tienda at all hours of the day,
the cadence of dominican speech,
and the sticky, sticky heat.

although i do miss friends, family, and many of the american conveniences,
i do not feel entirely ready to leave yet.

i spent my final nights here with the wonderful group of people i've worked with at DREAM,
chatting on the beach,
dancing bachata at the discoteca,
and eating some of the most inventive dishes known to mankind (moringa-infused restaurant, anyone?)

these people have such unique and diverse backgrounds,
and i've learned so much from all of them.
they have really enriched my experience here in the dominican republic.

is it too early to say that i already want to return?

post script: can you believe those babies?! just a few more of the most darling human beings on the planet...

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