Tuesday, September 18, 2012



in case any of you were concerned, 
i made it back from the dominican republic alive and (almost) well.
over a fortnight (i'm bringing back the 1800s, okay?) has passed since then...
where has september gone?

i'll tell you where it's gone...
studying, applying to graduate schools, internship meetings, project catch-ups, reconnecting with friends, gre studying, soul searching, exercising, working, sleeping, eating.
oh yeah, and throw a quick weekend trip to boise in there, too.

my lack of presence on this little blog of mine again has nothing to do with lack of activity in my life.
rather, it's the over-abundance of activity that's getting me.

there is a 99.89378 percent chance that i have never been so stressed out in my life.
but i am alive.
and i'll get through it.

until then, anyone mind if i take a nap till october?
(consider yourselves lucky... i got this close to quoting some green day up in hurr...)

thanks to everyone for putting up with me lately. 

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