Wednesday, February 13, 2013

blog redesign.

many of you have been asking the meaning behind my new blog title,
so i figured it was about time to fill you all in!

i always like to joke that i have latin blood
which is pretty hilarious, considering my very apparent scandinavian heritage.
maybe it's because all of the kids from mexico started calling me "anita la bonita" at tennis camp in high school.
or my obsession with street tacos and bachata music.
but whether its the food or the language (come on you guys, it's one of those languages of love!) or the culture,
i love it all.

this love for everything cultural only increased as i studied abroad in spain a few summers ago.
everywhere i'd go, i was greeted with an hola, guapa
which translates so nicely to hello, beautiful
and when i headed down to the dominican republic, it was much the same. 
hello, beautiful everywhere i went! 

so when i decided it was time to do a little blog re-design, 
i wanted to choose something that expressed my love for travel, for culture, for experiencing this beautiful world.
and a few of my study abroad amigas suggested this title, and it instantly stuck. 

i have a bit of a love affair with the world;
i'm constantly trying to find all of the everyday beauties in the world through this little blog of mine, 
as i'm out exploring and saying hola, guapa to the world.

all photos ® anna gleave photography 2010-2013.

post script: about ten minutes after i posted this, a peruvian man in the lima airport asked me if i was from colombia. mission: accomplished. looks like channeling my inner shakira all over the years has payed off!


Becca and Bryan said...

Love the new name and the design!! It's perfect!

Robyn Litchfield said...

i love your blog, just stumbled upon it and i am for sure following!

Anonymous said...

cute! love it!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog through His Little Lady. Did you do the BYU study abroad in Madrid? I went in Fall 2008 and absolutely LOVED it. Oh Espana... will always have a special place in my heart :) Love your photos!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog through his little lady and I'm excited to start following. I'm currently studying abroad in Madrid for the year and I can relate to your blog's name. I love that greeting here!

Tagg said...

Your blog is lovely! x

Tagg said...

Your blog is lovely! x