Tuesday, February 12, 2013

guest post: kirsten, on love.

since it's the month of love (can you guys believe valentine's day is this week?!),
i thought it appropriate to start showing some more love on the blog!
thus, i asked a classmate-turned-friend (who also happens to be oh-so-fashionable and the cutest blogger) to share some thoughts and photos about what love means to her! 
i think within .3 seconds, you'll understand how darling kirsten and ryan really are! 
thanks so much for sharing, kirsten! 

hi, i'm kirsten from k&r.
i just wanted to say a few things, in honor of valentine's day, about what love is.
ryan and i will be celebrating our third valentine's day together this year.
we've been married a little over a year now and i swear i love him more and more every day.


love is shown by the simple things in life.
for me love is my husband reading my homework chapter when i'm sick to help me write my paper.
love is waking up to a hug and kiss from my husband in the morning.
love is being able to be as weird as possible and not even thinking the other person is weird.


love is working together to make everything work.
love is staying up 10 extra minutes so that we can cuddle.
love is my husband going out with me to take pictures even though we should be doing homework.
love is making each other laugh every day.


love is the random i love you texts throughout the day.
love is the the unexpected treat at the end of the day.
love is my husband shoveling the driveway so that it won't get icey while i take a nap.

for me it is the small, often unnoticed, things that make me love my husband more and more each day. i feel its through the small gestures, often times unintentional, that show how much we truly love each other. whether its the quick smile, a kiss on the forward, or holding hands between homework assignments, every day i love my husband more and more.

thanks for having me anna!


Unknown said...

That is beautiful! Love really is the little things and the hard things :). So cute!

Rachael xx.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

girl you are too nice! thanks for letting me share!


SH said...

These photos are adorable!

The Hartungs Blog

Hena Tayeb said...

lovely pictures..