Sunday, May 12, 2013

a rainy afternoon at the sydney opera house.


i think by now you all know how much i adore my mother {and her individuality and strength and kindness and sacrifices and a list that never really ends.} so to celebrate mother's day, i'll tell you a little about one of my most recent {and forever favorite} memories with the lady that has had the greatest impact on my life.

i'll start out by further explaining how awesome my mom really is. she works for an airline one day a week so we get all of the flight benefits, and so we end up traveling constantly {talk about my dream, i know!}
because of this, she's met up with me in crazy places like germany and peru, and when she found out last month that i was going to be exploring australia more or less alone, she saved the day again.
talk about the best e-mail a girl can receive before boarding a trans-continental flight: "i think i'm going to meet up with you in sydney!" 
best mom ever.

so i had the greatest travel buddy the whole time i was down under. we spent our days getting lost in the city, catching up with my sweet cousin, + eating to our hearts' content. 
we hit a patch of rough weather midway through our trip, and one rainy thursday afternoon, we found ourselves outside the sydney opera house. after perusing around a bit, we realized a symphony was about to start. 
and when an opportunity like attending handel's water music in the sydney opera house is literally handed right to you, you cannot say just let it pass you by! thus, we attended. we swooned over the acoustics of the venue, charm of the circumstance, and beauty of it all, and we left utterly content. 
even if we were younger than the rest of the audience by at least a 30 year margin ;)

thanks, mom, for all of these incredible memories. this won't be one i soon forget! 

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Unknown said...

Such a pleasure to travel with my sweet Anna! Love you! xo mom