Tuesday, May 14, 2013

smitten with stockholm.

as part of our european tour,
my dear friend hannah and i stopped by the land of the vikings for a few days to explore the territory of my ancestors,
and we instantly fell in love with stockholm.

there's something {or a lot of things, really} inexplicable about stockholm that i am so drawn to.
maybe it's the cleanliness or the unique architecture
 or just that very distinct scandinavian vibe oozing out of every street corner. 

or maybe it's the well-dressed, tall, handsome people {and the fact that half of the people looked just like me, or like they could be my first cousin twice-removed or something}
 or the waterfronts at the end of nearly every street and all of the bridges and water ferries and boats. 

or maybe it's the ultra-high-tech metro system,
 or the swedish meatballs, or the bilar.
yeah, the bilar definitely has something to do with it {as attested to by the fact that we finished our first bag of this delicious little candy a mere twenty minutes after stepping foot in scandinavia}. 

no matter what it was that made me fall so hard {and so fast!} for stockholm,
 i couldn't get enough of this city. even amidst well-below-freezing temperatures.
and that's saying something!


don't you worry!
if you think this is the end of my stockholm photos/stories/adoration,
you're quite mistaken.
you can expect a few {thousand} more stockholm photos very soon! 
but until then, i'm headed to the nearest ikea to pick up another bag of bilar...


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Jon said...

This makes me homesick! So beautiful!
As for bilar, I've always enjoyed them - except the pink ones. Don't ask me why, I've never been able to explain it to anyone, but for some reason they've always had the worst taste for me!
Also, please tell me you bought some Marabou chocolate? That is heaven.

Joscelyn Gleave said...

You told me about your Stockholm obsession, but now I can truly see why!