Monday, May 20, 2013

saying aloha to elder gleave.

sometimes, you blink for .2 seconds, and your (not-so-little-anymore) brother is completely grown up, into a remarkable, kind, and admirable man. 
he's quite independent and determined and ready to go serve the Lord for two full years. 

i know it's cliché to say, but i really never have been prouder of my younger brother, bennett. he's sacrificing two of his "most exciting" years of school, of friends, of family to serve others and to bring them to Christ and to a gospel that he has grown to love so dearly. he's ready to face challenges, to work hard, and to love. 

i've always been so lucky to have my best friends also be my brothers and also some of my greatest examples. i love how benny makes everyone around him smile and is constantly full of such happiness and love. he epitomizes happy-go-lucky and has a way of making people feel comfortable and completely at ease.

and it's for these reasons i know he was hand-picked to go to hawaii. he will have such an incredible influence on the people there as he serves with love. i cannot wait to see the people he touches, the growth he experiences, and the happiness that he shares.

he's going to be one heck of a missionary. and the cutest one out there, at that!

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love you so much, bennett! and i look up to you more and more every day. 

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Joscelyn Gleave said...

Aww Benny! One of my favorite people!