Sunday, April 20, 2014

he is risen!

last easter, i was in sydney, australia. 
it was my first morning there; i was ridiculously jet-lagged... still getting used to the time zone changes and accents and trying to figure out why everyone was dressed in fall colors. 
despite my darling cousin's best intentions (and amazing roasted lamb dinner), i couldn't really catch that easter vibe.

this easter, everything was perfect. 
i threw together a last-minute easter basket for my mateo (oops-- it kinda just snuck up on me! but it was his first easter basket!), we worshipped in church, + mateo cooked sudado, this traditional peruvian fish dish that they always eat on easter, for dinner.
i felt the spirit of christ, a lightness of heart, a very particular happiness. 

and it was all because of him

i really, truly, 100% believe that spring blossoms are like little bursts of bottled up happiness. as is this video. it's so compelling and artistically done and so, so true. 

happy easter, everyone! 

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