Friday, June 6, 2014

i want to go to there-- st. kitts!

This post brought to you by St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino.  All opinions are 100% mine.

so by now you all very well know that i'm a travelaholic. obsessed. entirely captivated with wanderlust. really, however you want to shake it-- i love to explore, to adventure, and to experience. i pretty much never want to stay put in one place and probably would be okay living out of a suitcase indefinitely if it meant constantly exploring new places!

i've ventured south of the border a few times by now, but i've recently fallen in love with the caribbean-- that turquoise water, white sand, and fresh coconut are unparalled! seriously. mateo and i have been eating so much caribbean food lately-- fish and rice and habichuelas and plantains and stewed chicken and citrus fruit and whatever else you can think of that they might eat on the isles. so when i got the chance to read up on st. kitts, i was ecstatic. aaaand now am stuck with another case of serious wanderlust... for a new location!

st. kitts is a gem of the caribbean that many haven't ever heard of. it has the adventure and incredible beauty offered by other locations, but it's secluded and exotic and far more original! the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino offers the perfect island getaway on this gorgeous little piece of the globe! right about now, i wouldn't mind heading over to their ritzy spa for a massage... followed by a dip in this pool and dinner at one of their eight restaurants. who wants to join?!

 photo SKBRB_pool_2012-4RESIZEDREQUIRED_zps1719b7cd.jpg

i'm also all about the many amazing beach options on st. kitts. i'm just dreaming of getting the chance to go snorkeling at dieppe bay beach or to go surfing at turtle bay (but let's be real; you say anything with the world turtle, and i'm there!) and with the St. Kitts Marriott Super Sand Dollars offer, this could actually happen in the forseeable future for us. with this special offer, marriott gives you three nights for free after you stay for four nights-- so you basically stay a week and only pay for four nights of it!   Advertisement

 photo Friars1previewRESIZED_zps2e12eb1a.jpg

so let's get those price alerts going for flights and book a trip? yeah? in the ever-famous words of liz lemon, "i want to go to there!" 

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