Thursday, June 12, 2014

updates and such.

once upon a time, i was able to take advantage of an amazing scholarship from johns hopkins if i decided to defer a semester and start in the spring. 

i was instantly so excited for all that i could accomplish! i could return to peru! i could shoot a lot for fun, volunteer all of the time, relax, + develop some new talents. i could learn french! i could learn to cook cool new things and work at anthropolgie to get that coveted discount and get organized for once in my life. i could be that awesome blogger i always wanted to be.

well, a little parasite and wedding and over scheduling myself to the brink of near obliteration later, and i've failed at a lot of those goals. exceeded in a lot of ways... but definitely didn't stick with the blogging thing. so i think i owe the blogging world a bit of an update: 

+ i did, in fact, get married. february 28th, 2014 was remarkable in every way, and it was so, so perfect. our wedding was honestly a dream-- and the best thing i've ever done! i'll share lots of photos and tidbits from our whole wedding season... because just maybe i'm not ready to let go of it all yet. 

+ we traveled the heck out of the first 1/2 of 2014. mateo and i visited disneyland + la, arizona, idaho, washington d.c., utah, florida, puerto rico, and mexico. you'd think this would've gotten the travel bug out of me before i started school... but let's get real here. i can't stop. 

+ i took so many photos. SO MANY. i mean, what else is new, right? but i really loved the chance i had to really develop my art. to photograph for me-- to shoot what i want to shoot in the way i wanted to shoot it. i connected with some of the most amazing artists and creatives and learned a lot about my craft. although photography is on the back burner for now, i'm definitely hoping get the chance to use some of these recently honed skills and keep my creative spirit in check throughout the year.

+ we moved to baltimore, maryland. BALTIMORE. after the craziest cross country move (involving lugging upwards of 300 lbs on a chinese bus from delaware and taxi-ing our way through half of the cities on the east coast), we're all settled in little our one-bedroom loft, located downtown in the cathedral hill/mount vernon area. we're getting used to city life and loving the change of scenery!

+ school started. after a brief hiatus, i'm back in the grind of school. starting at the johns hopkins school of nursing is like jumping into the deep end of the deepest pool in the whole world. i have met so many interesting individuals and am liking school, but i've also never been in classes for so many hours a day on a regular basis. i'm basically exhausted 98.6% of the time. but hey... a person can do anything for three years, right? 

so you can probably imagine that i have  photo + story or two to go along with all of these experiences! sooo get excited for engagement/wedding photos, travel goodies, a continuance of mateo + my story (remember when i got you guys all excited about that and then left you hanging? sorry about that!), an apartment tour, and bits and pieces of life in baltimore. 

life just keeps on rolling, and here i am, hoping to keep up with it! and keep you guys updated along the way.

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