Sunday, June 29, 2014

the best decision i ever made.

june twenty ninth is a pretty exceptional day. 
exactly one year ago, mateo got down on one knee beside the pacific ocean in viña del mar, chile, and asked me to be his wife. 
it was simple and sincere and beautiful and all sorts of surreal. in fact, sometimes i still can't believe that it actually happened. but i've got video of it all, so it had to have actually happened, right? 

although i may have been ninety percent terrified of the prospects of marriage at a relatively young age, i am so, so glad that i said "SI!" to this sweet guy. he makes my life a billion times happier on a daily basis. he shows me service and kindness and consideration. he never stops making me laugh. he is an example of bravery and hard work and makes me so appreciative of everything that i have. 

we've all heard that cliché a million times-- "i love him more than ever." call me cliché, but that's truly how i feel. 

so in celebration of one year of engaged-ness turned marriage, i thought it appropriate to share some of my favorites from our engagement photos, taken by my lovely friend stacy of red poppy photos in santa monica, california in january.

allll right all right. enough of that mushy stuff for now. until the next installation of your typical boy-meets-gringa story, at least... 



Emily Ae-hui DeKam said...

Anna, these are so cute! I love you and Mateo together. So happy you've found so much happiness! You deserve it more than anybody. Best of luck with your adventures in Baltimore!

Unknown said...

I think I love you guys more than ever. So cute!