Sunday, June 29, 2014

santiago is for lovers.

it's been exactly a year since mateo + i ventured from our prospective countries to the other end of the globe to meet up and explore. 
i remember having all sorts of nervous energy boarding that ten-hour flight from dallas to santiago. it had been a few months since i had seen my mateo, i had heard the chilean spanish can be a little bit nightmarish to understand (true, so true), and did i mention i hadn't seen mateo in months? 

it was all so surreal, getting to explore santiago, hand-in-hand with my love. i was surprised by the definite european feel of the city; it was much different than any other central/south american city i've visited-- almost felt like i was back in spain! i loved the mix of architectural styles and the cool chilean sense of style. 

we spent our first day in santiago exploring the city, hiding out from the rain in the most beautiful, enormous public library, + watching futból while trying the famous completo (chile's take on the hot dog-- hot dog in crusty bread topped with tomato and avocado) in a local pub. 


i'd love to get back to santiago and experience it on a warmer day, especially with our sweet friends, carolina + esteban. we loved getting to stay with them and their families and miss them so! 

more from our trip to chile. soon! 

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