Thursday, August 28, 2014

a real-life romance [our wedding video].

my wedding day was easily the most surreal day of my life. for lack of better description, it really just felt like a dream. 
so many of the little details slipped away like a blur, but i do remember the emotion of it. the overwhelming joy and happiness. the sense of feeling incredibly supported and loved by friends and family. the celebration of all we were starting together. 

i'm not a highly emotional person (unless i'm watching parenthood), but for some reason, i couldn't keep the tears in on february 28th. i probably should've invested in some waterproof mascara because i could not stop crying. and i'm not even a cute crier. 

good thing one of my best friends is a ridiculously talented videographer (slash awesome bridesmaid) and was able to string together perfectly the day's events, and the emotions. 

i may or may not have watched this video a million times. and i may or may not tear up a little bit every time (i guess marriage just makes me emotional, okay?) 

so without further ado, in celebration of our six-month anniversary, i debut our wedding video:

thank you, bethy, for bringing to life a whole different set of memories from our wedding for us. we will cherish them forever. and to all of you soon-to-be-wed people of the world: hire a videographer! it'll be worth it; i promise. 



hayleyeszti said...

The video is beautiful, so beautifully done! Congratulations, you looked stunning, and so happy! <3

Jessica said...

This video and you guys are simply wonderful!