Sunday, December 21, 2014

the wedding.

hi, my name is anna, and this is my blog. in case you all have forgotten about this little blog (as i have), i figured i'd start it off right. 
since i've finally finished another semester of school and have started catching up on sleep, i decided it was about time i show my blog a little tlc and re-start with the updates. so let's just extend that wedding week from august and make it a four-month affair, rounding it off with the goodness of temple photos and reception photos. so! without further ado... 

our marriage + sealing in the salt lake city lds temple was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. i was surrounded by so many people i care most about; i felt an overwhelming sense of love. it was so special to see so many of my favorite faces + to celebrate with them. 

i've always been a big family person; family is everything to me. and feeling the joy of having most of my family (and a lot of close friends who adore mateo!) surrounding us on our wedding day is unmatched in my book. 

thank you for being a part of our lives and for supporting us on february 28th, amidst the frigid utah rain. we love you all!
Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0002 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0005 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0003 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0044 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0004 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0006 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0007 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0008 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0009 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0010 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0011 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0012 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0013 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0014 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0015 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0017 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0016 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0018 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0019 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0039 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0038 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0030 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0034 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0020 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0021 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0022 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0024 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0023 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0025 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0031 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0026 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0028 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0029 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0032 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0033 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0041 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0042 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0040 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0035 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0037 Anna-Gleave-Mateo-Wedding_0036

we were just a littttttle bit smiley. but i mean, can you blame us? 

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Love always, Jess said...

Yay so cute :) I loved being in the throws of your engagement when you were doing our wedding! Such pretty pictures!