Monday, August 25, 2014

the perfect wedding dress.

this week, we celebrate six months of marriage. probably not the most important milestone in the world, but it's still exciting! and i figured it would be an appropriate time to finally share some little memories and wedding goodness from the happiest day-- february 28th, 2014. 

so i'm starting out with one of my favorite components of the whole wedding (besides family and friends and oh yeah, getting sealed to that sweet guy mateo for forever)-- my wedding dress. 

since i'm in the wedding industry, i've seen a lot of different wedding dresses. i have seen so many gorgeous gowns, but the idea of finding my wedding dress made me so apprehensive. i wanted something elegant, simple, flattering, + unique. and i looked in a few stores and couldn't find anything remotely "right" for me. 

and that's where my aunt janet comes into play. my aunt is remarkable in so many ways, but she is a creative genius and style guru. she's the brilliant mind behind plein air design, and she really saved the day when it came to my dress! 

she knew i the general shape i wanted; she knew i wanted a non-white/non-ivory dress, and she knew i wanted sleeves + wanted it to fit really well. so we found the ideal lace, and i just let her work her magic. honestly, i wasn't quite sure how it would end up looking completely. but when i put it on for the first time... it felt so right. so me. so perfect for my wedding. 

i loved the drape of it. how comfortable it was, how simple it was, and how it made a statement without drawing too much attention to myself. it was so fun to hear the sweet little old temple workers whispering "you have to come look at this one; it's the prettiest one i've seen all day!" and in a terribly non-traditional dress and on a day with 19 other weddings... i'd say that's quite the compliment. 

janet used to have a wedding dress line as part of her boutique a decade or two ago, but she's been doing custom gowns for years and years. what made my dress even more special is the fact that janet made my mother's wedding dress in 1987. 

i loved wearing something that was made with such love. i love the heritage of the dress and the hours i got to spend with my darling aunt in the design and creation of it. a custom wedding gown + a strengthened friendship + the happiest day are all incredible things in my book. 

for all of you people in the market (or in the market in the future) for a custom dress... she's your lady! seriously. contact me for her information.

thank you, janet, for the exquisite dress. words just aren't enough to display my gratitude. XO. 


K&R said...

your dress is so perfect. i love every little detail.

Emily said...

So happy and excited you're finally posting details/photos of your wedding! I've been dying to see more of your dress, and Anna, it is absolutely stunning. You are such a beautiful, beautiful bride!!

Unknown said...

Anna, what wonderful things to say! I love you and am so happy we had that time together to get closer while working on your gown. Thank you for your very kind words! The dress was made beautiful by the beautiful wearer.
My love to you and Mateo,
Aunty Janet

Love always, Jess said...

6 months is a big milestone! CELEBRATE everything!!!