Sunday, March 22, 2015

a few frames from new york.

so tonight, i was standing in my kitchen and adding another cup of gluten-free flour to my chocolate cake, and my mind wandered to miss trunchbull. which naturally made me think of matilda. which led me back to one of our more recent travel adventures that i never shared with all of you! 

plus, the weather is starting to heat up, so we've been trying to get out and about more in our city. and with tess and will in new york, we've just been itching to get back to the big city. 

in the end of september, we were lucky enough to spend a weekend in new york city with will + tess. we took the bus up from baltimore and met will at his office building near times square. lugging our suitcases and camera bags in hand, we stopped for some of the best halal on earth, and crammed ourselves into will's tiny harlem bedroom for the night. tessy showed up the next morning, and then the real party began!

we spent the weekend shooting this, being the engaged couple's paparazzi for the weekend and exploring their new hood with them. and their new york city engagements prove to be some of my favorites yet! the weather was perfect, and the city was abuzz with activity (which, i'm pretty sure, it always is). we explored many of the little nooks of new york-- spent the afternoon lunching in the village, walking through brooklyn and then crossing the bridge back to manhattan to surprise tess with a night on broadway at matilda

will picked out the most amazing little lunch spot for us: risotto. although at first glance, it might look like any other restaurant, risotto is a gluten-free girl's heaven. it specializes in all sorts of italian gluten-free goodness-- pizza, breadsticks, sandwiches, cakes, risotto (you get the picture). it was pretty much a dream to sit down at a restaurant where the breadsticks on the table were edible by a person like me, and a place where you have to order "special," gluten-filled food? incredible. the food was divine. i will divulge that it was the place where i fell in love with tres leches cake. 

we ate a late dinner in times square after the show, and then mateo and i headed to our hotel for the evening. somehow, by the mercy of the hotel tonight gods, we scored a room on the executive level (maaaaybe with a little sweet talking to the nice receptionist who checked us in) of the new york palace hotel for $200. we may have brushed shoulders (read: backpacks, creepy glances from across the hallway) with some diplomats and fell asleep to the perfect view of the city and st. patricks cathedral. i feel like this kinda warrants a post of itself; it was just too good.

our final day was spent perusing morningside heights and the upper west side, stopping by the temple, and eating tacos al pastor and gluten-free cupcakes to our heart's content. 

do we love new york? 

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i think these photos speak for themselves. 

until next time, new york!! we hope to see you again this spring. 

anna + mateo

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