Tuesday, March 17, 2015

meet cuzco.


it's been a loooong, difficult winter here in baltimore. 
we had been muddling through okay, but spirits could have been a little bit lighter. 
on one particular cold, dark, dreary day in january, i became enamored with puppies. don't get me wrong, i have always loved those little guys, but suddenly i felt this crazy obsession with them. like, i would find myself in class googling photos of puppies, trying to not audibly swoon over them every few seconds. i was googling things like "best city dogs" and "best apartment dogs" and "best dog breeds for children" at every free moment. i was dreaming of puppies. you know that's when you've got it bad. 

so i broached the subject with mateo. "hey, amor. can we get a puppy?" i say. "sure! a bebesito? would be fun!" he says. this grand go-ahead took my obsession to a whole new level! i found myself searching for norwich/norfolk terriers all across the united states and scheming ways to travel to far-away lands like missouri to adopt them. 

and then fate happened. i stumbled across a new listing for these farm puppies up in pennsylvania, just an hour or so north of here. they were half norwich terrier/half yorkies, and the cutest little things on the planet. i subconsciously coerced my sweet pennsylvanian friend (thanks again, ali!) to drive up to lancaster with me one afternoon after clinical, a few days later, and my heart was stolen by this little guy. he got to meet some of our best friends his first night home as he bounded around the apartment, exploring his new home, and then mateo came home from his trip to colorado to meet his new baby boy. we are 1085 percent smitten.

cuzco is the sweetest little guy on the planet; he is our little teddy bear. he loves people and playing and as much cheese as he can get his paws on. he's rambunctious and adventurous and sometimes a complete monster, but he basically gets away with whatever he wants because we love him so. he has these awesome 3/4 inch-long eyelashes that shoot straight down and are red on the tips and the sweetest little paws. he'll cry for twenty minutes whenever one of us leaves the apartment, and he's mateo's work companion whenever i'm at the hospital. 

he's pretty darn lucky (?) that his mama is a photographer because he really loved this puppy portrait session and all... (heaven help my future children...!)

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i'll give you ten bucks if these didn't make you smile. see? now you can have puppy dog, teddy bear dreams too. 


p.s. he was our one-year anniversary present soooo happy first anniversary to us, and everything! 

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