Sunday, March 4, 2018

meet diego.

how can a creature be equal parts lovable and frustrating? this combination of sweetness and mischief perfectly describes our diego boy. this little fella became part of our family last december, after we suddenly and tragically lost our beloved cuzco. 

we were all completely heartbroken-- an absolute mess. but our poor lola girl was in the worst shape. she was virtually raised by cuzco, so she didn't know what it was like to be on her own. she didn't quite understand where her best friend went, and she was the loneliest pup i had ever seen. she stopped eating, even chicken and treats, she wouldn't play with us or perk up ever, broke out in a stress rash,  and she hid her face under pillows all of the time. the final straw came when we left her alone for the first time and came home to find her hiding behind the washing machine.

we were so devastated, but not quite ready to open our home to another dog. but we knew lola needed it, so we head out to the countryside and found this little fella. 

photos by knw photography

he instantly ran up to us and gave us all of the lovings, and we could tell right away he was a rambunctious fella. we loved his little white chin and belly (we call it his tuxedo), and we just knew he was meant to be a fabian.

fast forward a year, and we now realize just how rambunctious he really is. we blame the jack russell in him, but he is definitely the most mischievous pup i have ever known! he is a professional thief, burrower, and face-licker, and he's ultra-curious and ultra sneaky. i am pretty sure if wiley coyote existed in dog form... he would be it! we have found him on top of the dinner table and dresser, hiding underneath the counter with all of the pens he has stolen, or hoarding all of the dog toys in his bed. pretty impressive for a ten-pound dog!  but he is so full of life and personality, and he's loyal and sweet. diego makes a wonderful companion for lolita and brings us such joy. he's a snuggle monster and has taken it upon himself to be isabella's sole protector; he's always checking on her and even whines when she cries! 

we love this cheeky little guy who i have a feeling will be forever keeping us on our toes.

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